Laney's list of freaks, geeks, and super heros. These three people will be helping Laney maintain her sanity on her big day.


Tim Mallin is a stand-up comedian (and guy), currently residing in the hellish heat of Chandler, Arizona. Laney & Tim met in Tempe, AZ via Myspace in 2006(?). They bonded over Saul Williams, The White Stripes, ninjas, robots, and did not bond over Laney's apparent crush on Paul Gilbert from the band Mr. Big. They've only gotten into 1 fight in the past 10 years, over Tim running a red arrow light at 4am. There is a lot of pressure on Tim to be funny during Laney's big day.


Surprisingly enough, Alaina Maggio is NOT a pirate. She IS however a: dog-mommy, world traveler, hobbyist painter, museum-goer, foodie, karaoke enthusiast, and OCD Business Development Manager at one of Manhattan's top law firms. When the two were both single, Alaina & Laney spent several nights partying, crashing the NYC dating scene, helping each other build shelves for their tiny apartments, and learning how to perform the rap portion of TLC's "Waterfalls". Bffs4lyfe


Samantha Pagan is a sweet and sassy chef extrordinare living in Queens. Sam specializes in food nutrition, education, and holistic food therapy. She is also a leather n' stud wearin' backup dancer for a crazy band called Ronnie Stone and the Lonely Riders. Sam & Laney met through their fiances (now husbands) and bonded over their love of quality ingredients. Their friendship has grown into one of cursing, professional complaints, laughter, love, and good meals.