Derek O’Brien was randomly paired up as roommates with David their freshman year of college at Syracuse University, and their smoking baby was born shortly after. Derek has since kicked the habit, and has begun studying Software Development at NYU. He’s got two furry children now, West Highland Terriers, and lives in Weehawken, NJ with his wife Stephanie. Derek enjoys good whiskey, Bruce Springsteen karaoke, and finding the occasional note hidden by his friends all over their apartment during his housewarming party.


Colleen Countryman is David’s smarter, faster, & more dog-friendly cousin - currently living in Raleigh, NC. The ginger duo grew up playing music together, Colleen on piano and David on drums. They also watched Fraggle Rock, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and several other 90s pop culture references. Now, she’s all grown up, living with her husband Preston and their cool dog Nero. She teaches physics at NC State University, specializing in Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism. Magnets! How do they work?


Wesley Mesanovic is like a fine wine: you keep him underground in a dark, humidity-controlled room, and in 8-10 years he’s fully matured and delicious. Dave has known Wes since sophomore year of high school in Buffalo, NY, and whenever they get together they still act like they’re 15. The two attended SU together where Wes studied Industrial Design. He has now molded his path into visual merchandising for top retailers across NYC. He currently lives in Queens with his girlfriend Narina and why aren’t they married yet?


Joshua Mozes is what we in the industry call a “birther." Born and raised in Brooklyn he’s “seen it all:” from where to get the best pizza, to which Korean-Everyday-Gormet-Deli to have your birthday at. Josh met David and the rest of the characters our sophomore year at SU, and somehow immediately got David to name his weekly comic strip after him. When he’s not screening films for major distributers, he’s writing / producing his own shorts and occasionally hitting the dance floor to put us all to shame. (If you ask him nicely he might pull out his gold chain necklace...)


Jason Oh is ~~~~~~mysterrrioussss~~~~~~. We heard his baritone voice from accross the hall during our freshman year at SU, and with the promise of playing Worms Armageddon with other dormmates, Jay slowly became an irreplaceable character in our lives. After 4 years of studying film, today he wears many hats, from Director of Photography to everyone’s go-to-guy on set. He's really into emo karaoke, varieties of Korean pickled vegetables, and a solid pair of high-quality jeans. Oh, and Titanic...he LOVES Titanic. Yeah, the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster Titanic.


Junior Saracino spends his days plotting his escape to the great outdoors, only to find he's actually really freaked out by everything out there and would much rather come back inside for some fancy wet food and a long nap. He's really into giving high fives for treats, catching house flies, and hunting that damn red dot that won't stop following him around (psstt it's a lazer pointer). His cat tree is his royal sanctuary, so don't you dare bother him while he's on it or you'll run the risk of getting snagged! On a cold winter's day, if you're reeeallly lucky, he'll let your lap be his nap bed for a solid 20 minutes straight!