Music :: Code :: Eating all the time

Laney Coletti was born in Subic Bay, Philippines on September 27, 1987. As a military brat, she's been well-traveled since the age of 2 and has lived in many places, including Japan, Hawaii, and the US Southwest. After studying Web Design & Development at ASU, Laney headed to NYC with $138 in her pocket (ballsy move) to carve her career as a developer in both the non-profit and new media worlds. Today, Laney embraces many hats in the tech industry, with focus on guiding tech teams to maximize their workflows and build on social / human capital.

When she's not creating cool websites or coaching techies - she enjoys playing music in a rock band; exploring the world; cooking the amazing Filipino recipes her mom taught her as a child (lumpia, adobo, sinigang, you name it); eating great food; hanging out with David; making it in NYC; teaching their cat new tricks; and always trying to live in the moment.


One thing on your bucket list? - To learn how to play guitar well
Who is your celebrity crush? - Jack White
What is the first CD you ever bought? - Revolver by The Beatles
What's your favorite movie? - Coffee & Cigarettes
What's your least favorite food? - raw onions
Where do you want to travel to the most? - Asia
What is your biggest fear? - It’s a toss between sharks and crocodiles 
Who would you most like to meet? - Nikola Tesla
What is your favorite spot in your home? - the bed
What is one thing you do daily? - listen to music
What is your dream job? - it doesn’t matter what job I have, as long as I continue learning new things and challenging myself
What is your snack of choice? - Potato Chips
What would buy with 1 million dollars? - A house, pay off debt, new music equipment, stocks, and the rest in a bank account and live off the interest
What is your favorite childhood TV show? - Daria 
One thing you've never done? - Gone bungee-jumping. I never want to go bungee-jumping.
What's your favorite feature on David? - his smile
What is David's best quality? -  his nurturing
What's the location of our first kiss? - On the corner of metropolitan and Havenmeyer, next to our wedding venue
Which movie does David most quote from? - Titanic
The channel watched if David has the remote? - FX
David's proudest accomplishment? - Being published in The New Yorker magazine
What purchase does David regret most? - his shoes
What is David's guilty pleasure? - The Barenaked Ladies (band)
What's your favorite thing that you and David have purchased together? - Our vacations
Where were you when you knew you loved David? - The first night I met him
What's your favorite memory from childhood? - Expanding my taste and knowledge of music while listening to Abbey Road — both forwards and backwards on vinyl.
What do you see yourself doing in retirement? - Traveling, gardening and working on the house, and hosting lots of old lady lunches
What inspires you? - New York City - she's opinionated yet peaceful, knows how to laugh things off, and is home to some of the most hard-working people I've ever seen.
Who would you switch lives with for a day? - Junior
What would you buy if you found $50? - a Chinese massage
A belonging of yours that David would get rid of if he could? - old stinky shoes
What is David's least favorite household chore? - cleaning Junior’s litter box 
David's idea of a perfect dinner date? - Dressing up, going to a fancy restaurant with an attached cockail bar, and seeing some sort of show, movie, etc
What does David love most about your family? - Their hospitality and food
The quality you most hope your children have? - Perseverance 
One thing you still hope to achieve in your lifetime? - a stable and comfortable place to call home