Check out what's going on in our nutty little world while we piece together our wedding over the next 12 months.


After several weekends of work, is live and running! Feel free to click around, check out the venue location, our bridal/grooms parties, bios, etc. Don't forget to RSVP!


We thought it was imperative to stick to our roots while choosing the right menu for our wedding. We're happy to announce that L'Isola will be serving several of our all-time favorite Italian dishes for our big event.


Our wedding cake options have been a whirlwind of ideas: from hiring a high-end boutique to construct everything we want, down to the last mid-century, fondant sculpture - to accepting our cake as a gift from a friend. Finally, after an overindulgent night of cake tastings, we decided to take the middle ground on both overall cost and look. We've confirmed our cake to be made by David Chang's Momofoku Milk Bar, our favorite city bakery. This cake blends well with our wacky and colorful backyard wedding, and once you have a bite of this stuff, we think you're gonna pop!


Flower Girl NYC was our #1 florist recommendation, specializing in lush and whimsical pieces that offer their clients the New York City edge they're looking for. The ladies over at Flower Girl have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have put together breathtaking arrangement designs that are playful, feel natural to our urban backdrop, and will create a vibe that is uniquely summertime in Brooklyn. My absolute favorite additions to the designs our succlent centerpeices. Minimal maintainence, I don't think these things will ever go out of style.