Drawer of drawings, eater of foods

David Saracino. was born in Buffalo, NY on December 26th, 1987. As a toddler, he was constantly seen with a drawing utensil in hand, as soon as he established the motor functions to do so. Drawing constantly in his notebooks in school, it was clear there were more creative things on his mind than typical schoolwork. This fierce love for art continued to be nurtured when he spent the 5th and 6th grade outside of Siena, Italy with his parents while they directed the SUNY Siena program. David incessantly captured the medieval architecture and classical sculpture into a plethora of sketchbooks, teaching him form and composition without opening a textbook.

After studying editorial illustration at Syracuse University, David moved to New York City where he’s been permanently freelancing for the past 5 years. In his time-off, he enjoys playing and writing music, cooking, eating, bothering Laney, and fending off the occasional cat-attack.


One thing on your bucket list? - To visit the Mayan Ruins
Who is your celebrity crush? - Penelope Cruz
What is the first CD you ever bought? - Nirvana, Live from the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah. It was between that and a Weird Al CD. My dad was confused by both choices.
What's your favorite movie? - STAR WARS, Empire Strikes Back
What's your least favorite food? - raw tomatoes
Where do you want to travel to the most? - Iceland
What is your biggest fear? - hornets, wasps, things of the flying and stinging nature
Who would you most like to meet? - Hiyao Miyazaki
What is your favorite spot in your home? - the bed
What is one thing you do daily? - draw
What is your dream job? - Visual Development Artist for Pixar
What is your snack of choice? - Muddy buddies (aka puppy chow)
What would buy with 1 million dollars? - No more debt, a house, and a refurbished car
What is your favorite childhood TV show? - The Adventures Pete & Pete
One thing you've never done? - Gone to the top of the Empire State Building
What's your favorite feature on Laney? - Her butt.
What is Laney's best quality? - Her caring nature and selflessness
What's the location of our first kiss? - On the corner of metropolitan and Havenmeyer, next to our wedding venue
Which movie does Laney most quote from? - Wayne's World
The channel watched if Laney has the remote? - Food Network
Laney's proudest accomplishment? - Playing music in front of 10,000 people
What purchase does Laney regret most? - Her gym membership
What is Laney's guilty pleasure? - Martha's Country Bakery
What's your favorite thing that you and Laney have purchased together? - Trip to Spain
Where were you when you knew you loved Laney? - Puerto Rico
What's your favorite memory from childhood? - My dad teaching me how to draw perspective.
What do you see yourself doing in retirement? - Drawing, fishing, and bowling. Definitely going to be an old man that goes to the bowling alley and plays with an old man league once a week.
What inspires you? - The artist community
Who would you switch lives with for a day? - Junior
What would you buy if you found $50? - A good bottle of wine and a grass-fed steak
A belonging of yours that Laney would get rid of if she could? - My bookshelf
What is Laney's least favorite household chore? - cleaning the toilet
Laney's idea of a perfect dinner date? - Italian dinner with prosecco and ending with cannolies
What does Laney love most about your family? - They're loud Italians
The quality you most hope your children have? - Creativity
One thing you still hope to achieve in your lifetime? - To own a car